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Maritime Safety and Offshore Safety


We have been working on safety culture research since 2008 through our collaboration with American Bureau of Shipping (Dr. Kevin McSweeney) and Lamar University (Dr. Brian Craig and Dr. James Curry). The two domains that we have focused on are:

  1. Maritime Safety Culture
  2. Offshore Safety Culture

The above two websites are remotely maintained by Dr. Zhu at University of Houston. The primary funding is from National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) Gulf Research Program (GRP). We have recently concluded the offshore safety culture assessment toolkit project funded by GRP (12/2019 – 05/2023). We have started a new GRP project on offshore safety management system will start soon (09/2023 – 08/2025). 

In addition, we are funded by Ocean Energy Safety Institute through a subcontract from American Bureau of Shipping. The goal is to improve crane safety in the offshore industry.