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Engineering Design Education for Preservice Teachers


As a collaboration between the Technology Division at the Cullen College of Engineering (Dr. Weihang Zhu) and the teachHOUSTON program at the College of Natural Science and Mathematics (NSM) (Dr. Mariam Manuel and Dr. Paige Evans), UH has received National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant #2141674 to enhance the Engineering Design Education of high school preservice STEM teachers. The project is assessed by the Director of the Assessment at Technology Division, Mr. Peter Weber

The first version of the course materials has been developed and disseminated to 8 teachHOUSTON preservice teachers attending the summer 2023 research program at the Technology Division. The same materials have also been distributed to the 15 high school teachers attending the summer 2023 RET site at the Technology Division.


Besides, we are supported by multiple engineering education grants from NSF:

RET (NSF Grant #1855147): 

tH-ACCESS (NSF Grant #1950036):

RE for Preservice Teachers (NSF Grant #2220683):